The self-help world is abuzz with “The Power of Intention”, promoting the importance of focus to get what you want. It is true that if you focus on what you want for an extended period of time, (and do the necessary work) it usually shows up. But why does it work better for some people and not for others? It works better for those who understand that the “power of intention” is actually The Power of Clarity.

Being clear and specific about what we want is a key element to creating what we want in our lives. If we are not clear and specific, then our mind does not have the information necessary to recognize an opportunity even when right in front of us! Take the time to clearly define what you want, and it will show up quickly, usually in magical ways!

We have all had friends who have said they are unhappy with their life, but when we ask them what they want, they usually respond: “I don’t know!” Unfortunately, without clarity and the will to clearly define what we want, nothing will ever change.

Our mind is the vehicle that allows us to fully experience this 3-D reality we call life, so it is up to us to direct this “mind” in the direction we want. Since the brain/mind operates like a computer, it can only produce results based on what is inputted into it. It is our job to input the right information.

The Mind is a Filter

The mind is a filter, only allowing us to “see” things based on what has been programmed into it (our past experience). What we are experiencing now in the present is actually based on the past experiences we have had with parents, teachers, friends or when we are on our own.

This programming is the basis for how we operate both consciously and unconsciously. If we are not “consciously creating” by instilling new thoughts to define our future, we are destined to live in the past.

To create a new future is to become a different person, that thinks, feels and behaves differently than who we are today – essentially creating a new personality!

Take a moment to let this sink in:

  1. Our thoughts are the basis for what we experience every moment of every day.
  2. Science has proven that by the time we are 35 – 95% of what we think each day is a repeat of what we thought about the day before.
  3. These thoughts are unconscious, imbedded neural networks of past experiences.
  4. Because of this we experience the present, with a mind of the past reliving the same emotional experiences, even when the circumstances are different.

Changing Our Personality – Changes our Personal Reality

To change our personal reality, we have to change our personality, but to do so, we have to change how we think, feel and behave. This begins by becoming CONSCIOUS of everything that we think, feel and do. This begins with being aware of what we are thinking and why – every moment of every day!

The reason it is so hard to change, is because 95% of our thoughts (programs) are unconscious. To become aware of these unconscious thoughts, we have to question everything we do! This is mindfulness – to have conversations with our self and examine why we do what you do. If we are doing things that are not supportive of happiness and fulfillment, then we have to stop doing them, or nothing will change! This is why meditation is so valuable. This practice helps us go beyond our conscious mind and deal directly with the mind’s “operating system” of unconscious programs.

If you have tried to meditate in the past without success, (like me!) I suggest going online and find a guided meditation that you resonate with and let someone else guide your thoughts in a positive way. This can produce lasting change in your daily life and mental well-being.








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