The The Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Workshop has been a breakthrough experience for many companies and businesses throughout the world.

“Softtek is an organization that has always distinguish itself in its industry for caring about the human element and the drive of its people, that’s who we are and what we do. However, I hadn´t realized why it was so difficult for us to change in order to face the challenges in our markets until I had the opportunity to embrace the concepts Dr Joe Dispenza explains in his Breaking The Habit of Being Your Self Workshop.
With high enthusiasm and the help of Dr Joe´s team we took this workshop to my organization and it has provided us with very useful concepts and tools that enable us to undertake change and have a common language to pervade by example the change we want to be.

It is the third time I have participated in Dr Joe´s workshops and what I can tell from this experience is that it is like a good book or a great film, I always find something new and useful that I hadn´t seen before.   We look forward to continue with the next steps of the program and enjoy the ride to our evolution.”

December 2014
Gregorio Lozano Bárcena, COO
Softtek México


“Softtek somos una organización que siempre se ha distinguido en su industria por resaltar la importancia del elemento humano en todo lo que somos y hacemos. Sin embargo para tomar los retos que hoy tenemos no había yo entendido porque nos cuesta tanto trabajo cambiar sino hasta que tuve la oportunidad de asistir y abrazar los conceptos de transformación y neurociencia expuestos por el DR. Joe Dispenza en su taller “Rompiendo el Hábito de ser Tú”.

Con  mucho entusiasmo y el apoyo del equipo del Dr Joe llevamos este taller a mi organización y nos brindado conceptos y herramientas poderosas que nos permiten emprender el cambio y contar con un lenguaje común para permear con el ejemplo el cambio que queremos ser.

Para mí fue la tercera vez que tomé estos conceptos y no cabe duda que es como un buen libro o una gran película, cada vez encuentro algo nuevo y útil que no había visto antes. Esperamos con mucho entusiasmo continuar con los siguientes pasos del programa y disfrutar el viaje de nuestra evolución.

December 2014
Gregorio Lozano Bárcena, Vicepresidente de Operaciones
Softtek México

Our organization believes in developing the individual because the more we know about ourselves, the healthier and more productive we will be in serving others. For the past several years we have been teaching our leaders and employees about their brains - how it works and how to use it for both personal well-being and to stimulate creative and innovative thinking to keep our organization on the competitive edge. We brought Dr. Joe Dispenza to our first leadership conference after a large acquisition. As our leaders and employees worked to integrate people and processes into one new organization, the requirements for personal change and new actions was overwhelming.

Dr. Dispenza presented complex data, concepts, and neuroscience research in a way that was understandable, practical and applicable right away. His tools and practices helped us understand how we think, act and feel directly relates to our ability to change. We learned how we create our thoughts and emotional responses, and most importantly, how we can change our negative and self-limiting thoughts and undesired emotional responses. We learned how to replace unproductive thoughts with healthy, open, loving, and creative thoughts and emotions.

Each of us shows up to work as "whole beings”. How we think, act and feel shapes our culture and determine our performance and outcomes. We now have a team that is highly aware, enlightened, and disciplined around the daily practices taught by Dr. Dispenza. In less than one month of our conference, we began hearing about and experiencing positive effects.

June 2013
Colleen Abdoulah, CEO/Chairwoman of the Board
WOW! Internet Cable Phone

In today’s world of busy, overstimulated and distracted lifestyles, it can be extremely easy for individuals to fall into a pattern of sameness. The sameness can hold true for corporations as well, since a company is simply a sum of all its individuals. How these individuals act and perform dictates how well that company will – so if the individuals are in a pattern of sameness, how well do you think the company is performing? How likely is it to be nimble enough to take advantage of market changes? Habits can be constructive or destructive – so how will you choose to pattern yours? As a manager, you need to understand that habits are changeable and by altering the pattern of “sameness” you empower the individual to achieve far more – both personally and professionally. Today’s successful businesses need to understand the dynamics of the individuals it employs and how they shape the organization and culture – not necessarily the other way around. Joe’s work quickly dives in to help people understand their current behavior and then craft a plan to alter it, leading to more balanced and productive lives.

October 2012
Brian Crouser, CSS, Managing Director
National Category Management Center of Excellence
E&J Gallo Winery

BHBY is a well packaged program that will appeal to the general public. It provides a logic and reasoning that audiences can readily accept. The workshop uses everyday language which makes it easy to relate to the audience. This program provides an introduction to neuroscience and mindfulness which can lead to more curiosity and interest in taking this work further.

I have introduced BHBY to our organisation under the umbrella of change. Research shows that approximately 70% of change effort does not work in terms of achieving all of its stated objectives. Most leaders will say that their desired change is taking longer than expected and that there is resistence from their employees. As organizations are building a more agile, robust, flexible, resourceful, resilient and adaptable workforce, BHBY provides the tools to help employees meet this challenge.

Programs such as BHBY will better equip employees to predict how they might react and have insights to manage situations they may encounter.

August 2013
John Sands, Organisation Development Manager
SA Power Networks

The Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself course really prompted thought change in our global HR&C team. The program made us aware of how we limit ourselves as individuals and teams and why our organization’s cultural patterns are so strongly ingrained.

As we all change and grow within our company, the BHBY applications provide us with the understanding of how each and every employee at all levels within the organization can change unproductive habits by modifying their thinking and then align that thinking with more effective actions. We can therefore make our teams and the organization more aware, flexible, productive and ultimately stronger.

The program content combined with the trainer’s knowledge, expertise and open and approachable style made for an extremely fun, effective and thought provoking day. We look forward to the next steps with the program content.

September 2013
Joanna Maurelli Talent Development Manager
Johns Manville