On-Site Workshops at Your Business or Organization with a BHBY Certified Trainer

Organizations have always had to deal with change. The difference between then and now is the frequency, pace, and complexity of these changes. How can organizations better equip and enable their employeesto thrive in the midst of these rapid and complex changes?

Employees at all levels of an organization must be adaptable and resilient. New advances in the field of neuroscience show us that we are adaptable, and that we can physically change our brain with every new thought and experience.

How your leaders, employees, and stakeholders think matters to your organization.

Our Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself program teaches individuals how to become conscious of their thoughts, actions, and feelings. We believe an understanding of self will lead to better performance in the workplace. Reaching this goal means providing both the knowledge and tools to harness the incredible power of the brain. Do you have a new, different, or better vision for your organization's future? How do you want your leaders and employees to think, act, or feel differently? The BHBY course and follow up group coaching helps people embrace rather than retract from the unknown. We teach individuals to understand the ability they possess to achieve their personal and professional goals and the goals of the organization using the most innovative breakthroughs in neuroscience.

So when employees think, act, and feel in different ways, what results can you expect?

• Increased engagement
• Decreased stress
• Increased flexibility, adaptability and resilience
• A positive impacton teamwork, creativity, results, and the bottom line

Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your organization's vision, goals, and any "gaps" that may exist between today and your new future.
We have over 20 fully certified and licensed trainers and consultants around the world who will come to your preferred location. We bring a variety of experience and expertise including:

• Executive coaching
• Strategic planning
• Organizational change
• Team facilitation
• Emotional Intelligence
• Stress management
• Work-life balance

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