• I am thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of BHBY workshop to help my team create our new future.
    In a 60 day post workshop follow up survey, 100% of my team confirmed they have been able to apply what they learned in their work. I know that the BHBY workshop and the impact it had on the team has been a factor in getting our team on track and focused to deliver against our vision and strategy.

    The facilitator's dedication to applying our real life situation into the content was outstanding.
    I will recommend this to peers and colleagues.

    - Cisco EMEAR Sales Enablement Team, Manager, Operations
  • We brought Dr. Joe Dispenza to our first leadership conference after a large acquisition. As our leaders and employees worked to integrate people and processes into one new organization, the requirements for personal change and new actions was overwhelming.
    We now have a team that is highly aware, enlightened, and disciplined around the daily practices taught by Dr. Dispenza. In less than one month of our conference, we began hearing about and experiencing positive effects.

    - WOW! Internet Cable Phone
  • As we all change and grow within our company, the Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself applications provide us with the understanding of how each and every employee at all levels within the organization can change unproductive habits by modifying their thinking and then align that thinking with more effective actions. We can therefore make our teams and the organization more aware, flexible, productive and ultimately stronger

    - Johns Manville
  • In today's world of busy, overstimulated and distracted lifestyles, it can be extremely easy for individuals to fall into a pattern of sameness. The sameness can hold true for corporations as well, since a company is simply a sum of all its individuals. How these individuals act and perform dictates how well that company will, so if the individuals are in a pattern of sameness, how well do you think the company is performing? How likely is it to be nimble enough to take advantage of market changes? Habits can be constructive or destructive, so how will you choose to pattern yours?

    - E&J Gallo Winery
  • BHBY is a well packaged program that will appeal to the general public. It provides a logic and reasoning that audiences can readily accept. The workshop uses everyday language which makes it easy to relate to the audience. This program provides an introduction to neuroscience and mindfulness which can lead to more curiosity and interest in taking this work further.

    - SA Power Networks

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the neuroscience of personal change to individuals all over the globe through a network of certified NeuroChangeSolutions consultants working with organizations, corporations, businesses, schools, nonprofits, and government agencies.

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